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How to create a Factbox in Dynamics Ax 2012

Displaying a factbox on a form is one of the things that is introduced in Dynamics Ax 2012. In this article I give you the details how to create a factbox. Creating a factbox exists of three parts. The first one is create the query, the second one is create the part and the third one is adding the factbox to a list page.

Create the query

  • Right click in the AOT on the query node and select new query
  • Give your query a name
  • Drag the table of which you want to display information form to the datasource of the query
  • Set the dynamic property on the fields node to Yes, this includes all fields to the query
  • Save your changes

Create the part

  • Expand the Parts node in the AOT
  • Do a right click on Info Parts and select New Info Part
  • Give the info part a name by filling the name property and if you want you can set the caption of the form
  • Set the Query property the name of the query you have just created
  • Richt-click the layout node in the info part, and select New Group
  • Set the repeating in the new group to Yes
  • Create new field by doing a right-click on the new group
  • On this new field, set the datasource property to the table of the query and set the datafield to a field you want to display


Adding a factBox to a list page

  • First create a menuitem for the part you have just created by draging the part to the menu items - display node in the aot
  • After that drag the menuitem to the parts node in the on the form on which you want to display the factbox
  • Set the datasourcerelation to the correct EDT on the property sheet for the part
  • Save your changes and you factbox should be visible on the form



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